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Where Real Estate Meets Your Needs

The timing of our relaunch is quite unique. Having been in the real estate industry for almost two decades, Cushman Realty has witnessed, weathered, and prevailed through the ups and down of real estate. As the real estate market ebbed and flowed from buyer, to seller, to the Great Recession, back to a seller market with limited inventory, and now the uncertainty of the COVID-19, and post COVID-19, Cushman Realty has learned how to successfully navigate the market by adjusting, adapting, and being flexible through the changing market conditions. We built a solid foundation with years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, along with hundreds of closed transactions to refer to, as we work to negotiate on each client’s behalf.

Where Real Estate Meets Your Needs has always been our core mission. No two clients or transactions are alike, and each client and transaction has specific needs required for the sale or purchase of your home. We are here for you as the market conditions continue to change.