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Tips to Keeping your Home Safe



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When getting your home ready to sell, safety should be in the forefront of your mind. Here are some items to consider before listing your home for sale:

Door and Window Locks

Prior to selling your home, be sure all door and window looks are in working order. Make sure that there are spare keys that work, in case the buyer’s argent has issues with entering your property. Check the locks when you arrive home after the showing to make sure no uninvited house guest left a window unlocked to enter at a later time. .

Clear Your Desk.

If you work from home, you know the importance of securing sensitive information. Other items you may not have thought about are your bills, your calendar, and any other personal information about your or your family. Be sure to lock up any information you don’t want on display while your house is being shown.

Secure Personal Items.

Before any buyers enter your home, be sure to remove any personal items that need to be secured. Be sure to lock up any weapons, medication, and valuables. Also, take along your medication, or lock up the medication that you don’t use often.  You want to make sure that no one has access to these items.