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Spring Maintenance Checklist

Knowing that your home is an investment, protecting this investment should be one of your top priorities.

As we enter spring, now is a good time to spruce up and refresh your space. Set aside time for home maintenance as well as spring cleaning.

By keeping up with essential tasks, you will help ensure your that your home stays hazard-free, retains its value, and may even deliver a future profit.

Here are some of the top spring maintenance tasks to add to your to-do list today.

Structure and Foundation

  • Check the foundation and exterior walls for cracks and leaks.
  • Inspect the roof, looking for loose or missing shingles, damage to any pipes, or unusual wear and tear.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Repair any leaks or holes.
  • Check for gaps around doors and windows and reseal them.

Systems and Appliances

  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, replace batteries as needed.
  • Schedule an HVAC tune-up to ensure your system is ready.
  • Clean the refrigerator coils to help lengthen your fridge’s life span.
  • Replace air filters if you haven’t done so lately.
  • Clean your dryer vent duct to prevent fires and keep the dryer working more efficiently.

Outside Details

  • Check for termites to stop a damaging infestation as soon as possible.
  • Check for any exterior damage that may have been caused by any animal during the winter months.
  • Clean the siding, check for damage to exterior woodwork, and repair and reseal these areas as needed.
  • Check the sprinkler system to make sure all the heads are facing the right direction and do a test run before setting up your watering schedule.
  • Clean up the landscaping by trimming, mowing and clearing debris. You may also think about planting some seasonal flowers, or even buying some planters.

Proper maintenance is crucial to maintaining your home’s value. If you’re planning to sell soon, it’s even more critical.