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Home Warranty Pros and Cons


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Should you include a home warranty with your new home? Home warranties have changed over the years, and there is not a one size fits all for all homeowners. It’s best to compare the pros and cons prior to purchasing one. Here are a few things to keep in mind when comparing home warranties:

Home warranties are designed to give the homeowner peace of mind in the event of something breaking down or damaged in your home. This is great option for those homeowners that are not not familiar with household repairs. A plus for home warranties is the flat cost for the repair. You are aware of the cost up front, rather than having sticker shock when an appliance breaks down. This could also be very handy in the event of buying a home with older appliances with limited life. This avoids having to purchase a new appliance, and just repairing the appliance you have.

One issue with home warranties are that an an item may not be covered for repair. You need to read the fine print as to what types of repairs are covered for certain appliances. Another issue is that the home warranty company controls who does the repairs, or that the repair personnel may have several other repairs before they can get your your item needing service.

When looking at home warranties, the bottom line is making sure you find the right plan for your home and your situation.

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