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Brighten Your Home With House Plants

Want to add extra life to your home? Brighten any space with plants! Not only will they brighten your home but studies have shown they reduce stress, boost your mood, and increase your productivity!

Here are plants to brighten every room of your home:

Bathroom – Spider plant

Spider plants can be in any room, but love the humidity! Try sticking a spider plant in a well-lit bathroom window. Water well, and make sure the plant doesn’t get too soggy.

Bedroom – Snake Plant

Similar to the spider plant, snake plants can actually be in any room, since they are not a fussy plant, but their dazzling bright green stems will inspire you every morning!

Kitchen – Pothos Plant

Pothos are great for your kitchen because they won’t take up precious counter space. They do well in a hanging basket and like moderate light.

Living room – Money Plant (aka Pilea peperomioides) 

These circular buddies will bring so much joy to your living space! They prefer indirect light and should be watered once a week (spring-fall).

Office – Aloe plant

Aloe plants make a great office buddy because they’re pretty low-maintenance. They don’t need direct sunlight, preferring indirect light. Remember that aloe plants are succulents and should only be watered every 2-3 weeks.