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3 Projects To Boost Your ROI

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Looking for projects with a greater return of investments in your home? Here are 3 projects to that can boost  the value of your home.

Improving Energy Efficiency
Installing a new smart thermostat, or switching to LED lights are a few simple improvements. Some other larger investments to look at are windows, furnace, and air-conditioning to help lower the heating and cooling costs for your home. improvements can vary widely.

Kitchen Updates 
Simple projects in your kitchen could be painting the cabinets, changing out the hardware, or even installing a new faucet. If your looking at a larger investment, cabinets, a new island , and new appliances go a long way yo update to your kitchen.

Bathroom Updates
A fresh coat of paint, changing out the faucet, and adding new towels or rugs are simple updates for the DIYer. More expensive projects would be replacing the shower or floor tile, new cabinets, and changing out the toilet. Depending on the investment, it will go a long way to help transform the space.