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Whether buying or selling, personal or investment property, each client’s situation is unique and diverse. Cushman Realty was created based on the philosophy “Where Real Estate Meets Your Needs.” We are a flexible and resourceful real estate company with an extensive network of real estate services. Cushman Realty believes in turning obstacles into opportunities by finding alternative solutions through our mortgage, appraisal, title, and credit affiliates. Our agents assess each client’s individual needs and tailor the service required for their situation.

The majority of our clients are referrals; therefore, Cushman Realty doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising. Instead, we work very hard to keep our customers happy by focusing on individual clients, meeting their needs and achieving their goals. We are committed to delivering quality service to each client on every transaction, plain and simple. Our client’s satisfaction is what we rely on for future business, so we do everything we can to exceed their expectations.

Cushman Realty has a strong support system of experienced real estate professionals who can guide you through the process of buying or selling a home. You can be assured that we go beyond the sale. As your needs change, we want to be your real estate company for life.

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